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Austin Industrial Refrigeration provides on-site and in-shop Medium and Low temperature refrigeration service in the Austin and Central Texas Area. Specializing in medium temperature and low temperature refrigeration systems service and equipment across a broad spectrum of applications, we serve a diverse clientele from the local organic farmer and convenience store operator, the restaurant and caterer, to the University Laboratory and the global semi-conductor manufacturer. Intellectual and physical resources are concentrated in the application of the refrigeration processes which maintain environmental and operational conditions for equipment, products, materials and property of our customer base.

we don't do air conditioning

 What’s the difference?

Unlike every air-conditioner which is engineered to the exact same environmental and operating conditions for human comfort by every AC equipment manufacturer, each and every medium or low temperature refrigeration application has it’s own unique system characteristics either purposefully or incidentally. Then this all changes when operating conditions change.

No one turns the walk-in cooler off in the winter unlike the air conditioning system that you are familiar with. The range of operating conditions from winter to summer, the differing requirements of humidity and temperature for the storage of material, and the properties of the medium being cooled (air, water, or the material itself) in refrigeration applications requires a special set of skills, equipment and understanding of the refrigeration process – those which Austin Industrial Refrigeration provides.