My Cooler Just Needs a Recharge.

This is a common request for service, and even though it sounds innocuous – quite frankly a refrigeration system in need of refrigerant is one of the most serious things that can go wrong with your equipment!

Refrigerant (Freon is a trade name of DuPont and we avoid using the trade name in general) does not wear out nor require occasional “recharging”, unless of course your machine has a refrigerant leak. You should wish that any refrigerant leaks in your machine be repaired. Leaks in refrigeration systems result in overheated compressors and contamination of the refrigerant itself with heat, air, and moisture which impairs the refrigeration cycle and creates chemical compounds and acids that attack compressor motor windings and bearing surfaces.

Aside from the mechanical and chemical manifestations of refrigerant leaks, the cost of constantly “recharging” a system is high. Not only that, it’s illegal!  The good ‘ol days of “Blow and Go” are gone. Refrigerants are now moderately expensive, and current laws require that special processes be utilized to service and contain refrigerants, the costs of which are passed on to you, the consumer.

If your machinery needs a recharge, we will do our best to locate the cause of the loss of refrigerant. Some leaks can be elusive, or located in difficult areas of equipment. Sometimes it takes history to determine the rate of leakage and the location of a refrigerant leak.  But, don’t worry too much… because 90% of all refrigeration system failures have NOTHING to do with the refrigerant charge.


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